A New Thing

New – this blog. My first using this website. It was time for a change. I’m experiencing first hand about the lack of privacy on the internet. I realize apps have access to certain types of information if they will be used on your devices – or just to be used at all. But when my information was misused by an app on end and then claimed innocence on the other end, I decided I wanted to make a clean start. While I realize that as long as I am recording information electronically I won’t ever have complete privacy, I am hoping with my new-found knowledge I can share and make an impact a new and better way.

New – season. My favorite season is fall, and it’s finally here. I don’t love anything different than most everyone else does about fall: crispness in the air, beautiful colors, pumpkins, sweaters and sweatshirts, football, hot drinks, my kids taking on new challenges at school. In the last 4 years, I’ve added fall baseball to that list. I don’t like change much, but I LOVE fall.

New – camera. Love my new camera! After the privacy incident I mentioned earlier, I stepped up the urgency to buy a new, nicer camera so I don’t have to use my phone for pictures. The quality is richer, I capture the images I truly want, and I control the sharing as well as reduce the risk of losing everything if my phone were to become lost or stolen.

New – quiet time format. I attended the Living Proof Live simulcast event yesterday. I love Beth Moore’s ministry. I’ve completed a number of Beth’s bible studies, subscribe to her blog, follow her on Twitter…you get the idea. I don’t worship her, and certainly don’t place her opinion above all else, but I have learned a great deal about bible study and being real from her. Many times she has described some of her alone times with God as walking outdoors and worship music blasting. So I decided to try it. I’m sure I looked interesting outside in my “pajamas” – over sized shirt, loose-fitting capri pants that should never be worn anywhere but around the house and Mudruckers – walking around the field we share with my in-laws, hair a mess, earbuds in and singing along to Selah. I had a blast, though! Instead of worshiping the sun like I did in Wyoming and Montana this summer, receiving terribly painful burns, I worshiped the Son while watching the sun rise over the mountains. I don’t have time during the week to have quiet time that way, but I will be doing it more often on my days off.

New – beginnings. Anytime I have taken time out for a spiritual recharge, such as a retreat or events like the one I attended yesterday, I have never been disappointed in the outcome. I left with renewal in the relationships with the people who accompanied me, and that was incredibly meaningful. More importantly, I left with a renewed sense of purpose for my life and the good works God sets before me. The more I talk about what yesterday meant to me and did for me, the more inspired I become and the more my fervor is charged. But the good news is that even if that fervor wavers or I stumble, you know what else is new? Something that never get old…

“See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” – Isaiah 43:19


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