My Hero

“As you get older it is harder to have heroes, but it is sort of necessary.” – Ernest Hemingway

2014 has been filled with many ups and downs. If I made a graph to track them, you would see spikes similar to a polygraph chart. Good times usurped with sudden downturns; bad times interrupted by rays of sunshine taking the form of hope, forgiveness and understanding. Constantly.
Christmas Eve day I read a friend’s Facebook post requesting prayer for her son who was urgently referred to Children’s Hospital for an ailment that had been plaguing him for several weeks. My heart immediately jumped into my throat, and I sent a text right away. My friend revealed the details and status, and I stayed in touch with her as much as possible throughout the rest of the day. MRI and spinal tap were being scheduled to determine the problem. The next morning I wished her a Merry Christmas and received her news: autoimmune disease, most likely MS. Her son. 16 years old. With MS. My heart broke for her, and I cried.

I didn’t want to be too much of a pest with the remainder of tests being run and additional adjustments they were making, so my contact with her was minimal over the next couple days. The next communication I had with her would bring me to tears again. Her son’s hospital roommate is dying of cancer yet exuded such joy that it impacted her son deeply. It gave him perspective and brought him back to his assurance in Jesus and removed his fear.

I have job stress; our newly blended family is experiencing blended family issues; my body feels older than it is; I question my parenting; my house is constantly messy. Add to my list or possibly make your own. But this 16 year old, whom I have never met, rocked my perspective of self-pity.
“I’m not worried…I’ve got God with me”

Kid – you just became my hero.


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